> Babies love water and they feel comfortable in the warm aquatic environment of the heated pool. The newborn classes allow you the time and space to enjoy a relaxing time with your baby, learning how to support your child gently in the water.

> We start with learning the very gentle holds and progress to balancing your baby on your chest as you swim. There is really nothing quite like it and you will see how much your baby enjoys the experience. You don't need to be confident swimmer to take part and there are plenty of flotation aids to assist you in the water.

> There are no forced submersions and these classes are designed for the pure relaxation of the experience. You don't need to book a term in advance and can come along to any session. I only ask that you let me know before hand so I can keep track of numbers as there is a maximum of 6 in each class. Both parents can come in.

> Each class costs £10. Babies must be at least 7 lb (3.2kg) in weight and mums must be cleared by the health visitor or GP to go swimming. The pool is heated to 33 degrees but you might like to use a baby wet suit to keep them warmer. It isn't essential but if your child is very small or you feel that they need one, please feel free to bring them in a wet suit. They will still need to wear the double nappy system.

> General Information for Parents:

1. As injections are not necessary, your newborn baby can swim from birth. Please refer to the NHS website for full information on immunisations.

2. Our newborn sessions are open to all parents with a baby aged between 0-3 months and who weighs more than seven pounds .

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