Frequently Asked Questions

I've put together some frequently asked questions which I hope you find useful. Of course you can always get in touch if you have further questions by clicking on the Contact page.

Does my baby need to be immunised before coming swimming?

The NHS guidelines state that there is no risk to babies and you may join classes at any time Please visit the NHS website for more details. If you have any questions please consult your GP or health visitor.

What if my child is ill?

Please don’t bring your child swimming if they have a significant illness including sore eyes, ear infections, chest infections, chicken pox, impetigo. If you or your child has experienced sickness/diarrhoea within the last 48 hours you cannot swim. Any other medical concerns you have please consult your GP or health visitor before attending lessons.

Should I feed my child before the lesson?

Please try not to feed your child for an hour before your lesson. On rare occasions they can ingest water, which could cause them to vomit and it’s best for all concerned if their tummy is empty. If you have had to feed them within the last hour please let your instructor know.

When should I arrive?

Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson so you have plenty of time to get you and your child dressed without rushing. This also gives you a chance to wake up a sleeping child before getting them in the pool.

Stay relaxed and calm as any stress you might be experiencing does transfer to your child.

How do I get the best out of the lesson?

Your child will probably be hungry and tired after their lesson and will often have a long sleep afterwards so enjoy a little bit of quiet time for yourself!

Remember that swimming skills take a long time to acquire and your child will learn in their own time. There’s no fixed timeline and each child will find their own way in their own time. The main thing is to enjoy swimming together and having this dedicated time learning new skills.

Some days your child simply might not be in the mood – it could be due to a growth spurt, teething, lack of sleep or maybe they’ve just started childcare and are more clingy as a result. Don’t worry about it – just try to stay in the lesson and focus on the things they do like doing.

Your child will probably be different each lesson so some days they’ll be great yet other days they will resist everything you try. It honestly doesn’t matter – they’ll get there.

There is no pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please ask and I’ll help you.

What nappy do I use?

We recommend the Happy Nappy which is a reusable, washable neoprene “pant” which goes over the top of the under nappy. This seals in any leakage that might occur. Ensure that it fits well around their tummy and thighs so don’t buy it bigger to grow into. You can buy them from Mothercare, Amazon and several other places. For more information please visit for more details.

For the nappy that goes underneath you can use disposable swim nappies, for example - Huggies Little Swimmers - easily available from supermarkets and chemists.

Or you might prefer reusable swim-nappies and liners such as Nappy Wrap

PLEASE don’t use a normal disposable nappy! They simply soak up a ton of water and get very heavy which caused them to rip and expel fluffy cotton and lots of jellified lumps that contaminates the pool.

Babies wearing Splash About Snugs, Happy Nappy costumes and any other attire must still wear a Happy Nappy and under-nappy.

Please take your used nappies home with you and never leave them in an open-topped bin on the premises.

Are the pools warm enough?

All pools are heated to at least 30°C.

Ely – is a lovely, light airy pool on Cambridge Road, 12.5m long, 5m wide and 0.9-1.5m in depth. As it is a private home pool there is no parking on site but you can park on the street easily.

What should I bring to the lessons?

See the section on "Be prepared" in the lessons page, or by clicking here