Adults aquaphobia enquiry form

My aquaphobic lessons are on a first-come, first served basis. I only teach 3 adults at a time on Tuesday afternoons for 3 consecutive weekly half hour lessons. If the lessons are full you will then be put on the next available “rotation” of lessons. I will call you to talk to you more about your requirements and fears and confirm dates with you. This form is just to log your initial enquiry and put you on the list in the order they are received. All information you provide will be strictly confidential and only seen by me, Moira Newell, your instructor.

These swimming lessons are to help you overcome your fear of water. You will learn to relax, feel comfortable in the water and hopefully learn to float as well as get your head/face wet. Anything else you overcome during these lessons is a bonus! Think of it as “swimming with training wheels"

If you want to make an enquiry you can either call me, Moira, on 07714 624 234 or fill out the enquiry form below and I will call you back. I will ask you if you have any medical issues but this does not in any way preclude you from lessons. I simply need to know this in order to assist you in the best way that I can. However, unfortunately none of the pools I use have any hoists to assist in getting you into or out of the pool, therefore I am unable to assist anyone who needs this facility.