A little bit about me

> My name is Moira, I'm a mother of three girls! 2 of whom are now teenagers, gulp! I've been teaching swimming for over ten years. I am a fully qualified swimming instructor: Birthlight Level 2 Baby Swimming, ASA pre-fundamentals (infants), ASA Level 2, Level 1 Aquanatal Yoga and AUSTswim. I am fully insured and have an enhanced DRB check. I continually attend swimming conferences and CPD courses.

> I’m happiest near water – I just love it, being in it and around it. I trained as a swimming instructor in the UK and taught in England until I moved to Sydney Australia and continued my training there. I was so lucky to live and teach in a city surrounded by water. I was fortunate enough to teach at Olympic pools, 1-1 lessons at private home pools as well as at Bondi beach. In the summers I volunteered at the Nippers Surf Ed program teaching surf and safety awareness to children from the age of 5. I returned to the UK in 2011 and continued teaching at Kings School Ely and Seahorses Swim School. I started Puggles in 2015 in order to focus solely on Adult and Child lessons and Free Aquaphobic lessons for adults.

It's never too early to start

> The benefits of baby swimming are huge. They don’t just develop physically, emotionally and mentally but they become confident and happy in the water. In addition to being a lot of fun I teach them to be safe in the pool. I always work within your comfort level and because my classes are small I can give individual attention every lesson.

> However, you might feel a little nervous about bringing your baby to the pool for the first time, but I assure you, I work closely with you and your child and regularly send emails or texts to let you know how they are doing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t swim as the pools are shallow and I can always assist you or provide you with floatation aids.

> I love teaching babies. They love the water and with proper training they really can learn to enjoy being in the water from birth.

> Class sizes are small – maximum of 6 children per lesson.

My Philosophy

> Mindful swimming . You will probably hear the term "mindful" swimming more frequently with regards to infant aquatic programs. Puggles Swim School totally embraces this approach to swimming.

> By being mindful, we are able to ensure that your infant is enjoying their water experience, there will not be group or forced submersions instead you will learn how to read their non-verbal cues as to their readiness to submerge and engage at a point that suits them and when they are willingly choosing to do so. By working with them this way they learn to love their lessons and not be afraid of the water.

Fun fact!

Did you know that a "Puggle" and a "Platypup" are common names for a baby Platypus?

Baby Platypus