Welcome to Puggles Swim School!

Adult and Child Swimming Lessons, adult learn to swim, including aquaphobics, aquanatal yoga, post natal aqua yoga and aqua sensory classes.

Puggles is with you from the beginning of your pregnancy!

I love teaching babies and toddlers how to become happy water babies! I run a child-centred program that is flexible and dependent on your child's readiness in a gentle, playful and learning environment. Puggles takes all children from birth until four years old.

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Teach your baby to swim following the Birthlight Philosophy!

"Birthlight’s methods are designed to create an excellent foundation for the child's future in the water, promoting safe practices and confidence. As well as this, the classes are an ideal environment for mothers and their new babies to bond, for children to begin to socialise and for whole families to spend quality time together."


Frequently Asked Questions

I often get asked questions such as what kind of nappies should I bring or will the water be warm be enough. To help you better understand how Puggles works and what you can expect when you come for a lesson, click here for a set of answers to questions I get asked on a regular basis.


What Level Is My Child?

There are 3 levels of progression. Choose your class based upon the age your child will be at the beginning of each term.

Puggles - Beginners. Children from 8 weeks to 3 years who have had a few lessons or none.

Pups - Intermediate swimmers from 6 months. Suits children who have most likely had at least two terms of swimming lessons.

Platypus – Advanced classes from 12 months. Suits children who have already had several terms of swimming lessons and are confident above and below the water.

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Why Adult and Child lessons?

At Puggles Swim School parents are involved in the lessons. Aside from being essential for safety it has a number of benefits: it allows for education of parents, a safe and secure learning environment, maximum practice time in the lesson and the development of exceptional swimming and water safety skills. More importantly, it teaches your child to only swim with an adult.

Where are the lessons?

I teach Adult and Child Swimming Lessons in Ely, Cambridgeshire. The Ely pool is a private home pool, with depth no more than 1.2m and is heated to 30 degrees Centigrade, so is nice and warm for the children.

Swimming for life!

> Being afraid of water limits your enjoyment of life in general as it prevents you from experiencing so many water-based activities like sailing, diving, snorkeling and of course, swimming – be it swimming for fun, exercise or competitively. Water is FUN! Swimming is also the only sport that can save lives

> Teaching your child to swim opens up a whole, new, aqua tic world to them – for LIFE and I’d love to share this with you and your child. Water is a great equaliser.

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